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Discover the Beauty & Ease of a Home Lighting Control System

Manage Daylight and Electric Lights Effortlessly

Discover the Beauty & Ease of a Home Lighting Control System

There’s something extraordinarily beautiful when sunlight and artificial light come together to create the perfect lighting. The sun’s rays stream softly through the windows, casting a warm glow in every direction. Wall sconces illuminate a darkened corner, beckoning you to grab a good book and settle back into a recliner. Fine artwork and architectural elements stand out, with lighting defining their best features. It’s a space where the lighting is as much a design element as the painting and furniture.

But how do you keep this exquisite moment in your Rhode Island home? Who has time to adjust the lighting and shades as natural light changes throughout the day? We close the shades when the sun’s glare makes it difficult to see and turn on the lights in response, and there our lights remain.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Today’s home lighting control system makes managing your home lighting effortless. Let’s explore how these systems are transforming homes from Providence to New Bedford and beyond.

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Hunter Douglas Motorized Window Treatments Add Beauty and Benefits

Shading Solutions from the Industry Leader Enhance Your Home and Your Lifestyle

Hunter Douglas Motorized Window Treatments Add Beauty and Benefits

When combined with home automation, motorized window treatments provide comfort, climate control, and privacy, proving they’re more than just a finishing touch. When choosing which shading company to put in your home, you want one with a record of innovation and reliability. 

We proudly offer Hunter Douglas products because of their record of innovation, reliability, and style. Working with the leader in window treatments comes with high expectations of upholding superior customer service, continuous training, and staff certifications.  

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Boston, MA, home? Continue reading to find out more. 

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How A Home Automation Company Can Make A Home Uniquely Yours

Enjoy The Benefits Of Smart Home Solutions That Respond To You

How A Home Automation Company Can Make A Home Uniquely Yours

Smart home automation offers the luxury and convenience of a house that not only fits but responds to your lifestyle needs. However, while there are many over-the-counter solutions available to you, none of them give you complete control.

Your home is a complex ecosystem of climate control, entertainment, lighting, security, and more. Working with a Control4 Gold level home automation company, such as Audio Concepts, you get a house that makes you healthier, happier, and more comfortable.

Are you intrigued by how your Newport, RI, home can become an extension of you? Continue reading below to learn more.

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How a Lighting Control System Makes Your Home Healthier

Why a Happier Home Starts With Its Lighting

How a Lighting Control System Makes Your Home Healthier

Lighting follows us everywhere throughout our lives. Light enters our windows each morning and wakes us up, and sunsets soothe us as we enjoy our favorite evening activities. While any appropriately lit room can allow us to perform needed tasks, that doesn’t guarantee that we’re taking advantage of its incredible design and wellness benefits.

That’s where a lighting control system can take your arrangement from an uninspired installation to a health and mood-boosting layout that properly adjusts your lighting so you can efficiently perform tasks with the exact specifications you need. Tired of straining your eyes and dealing with light that doesn’t do much for your mood, sleep patterns or relaxation efforts? Keep reading to see what Audio Concepts can create and install in your New England home. 

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