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4 Features That the Best Custom Home Theaters Share

Don’t Settle for Mediocre Entertainment Spaces! Start Here.

4 Features That the Best Custom Home Theaters Share

As you know, the winters we experience here in New England can be nothing short of brutal. We’re often shut inside our Boston homes for days, and cabin fever is sure to creep in at some point. What better way to stay cozy than with a custom home theater, where all the features you want are in one place?

As we approach the holidays and prepare for a long cold season, why wait to build an entertainment oasis exactly how you want it? At Audio Concepts, we’ve installed and customized many impressive theaters. Though each of them featured decor and custom programming that suited the individual homeowner, we’ve noticed three non-negotiable elements in each. Curious? Read on to see what they are.

TAGS: Control4 | Custom Home Theater | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Services

3 Perks of Adding Smart Home Services Before the Holidays

Whether You’re Traveling or Staying In, Here’s Why a Smarter Home Is a Gift to Your Family!

3 Perks of Adding Smart Home Services Before the Holidays

Many of us follow the same pattern: as soon as Halloween ends, we skip right over Thanksgiving and straight into dreaming of the winter holiday season ahead. You start asking yourself questions, like whom you’re buying gifts for, what your dinner spread will look like, and either start to book plane tickets or prepare for company.

Also, we’re arriving on not only a new year but also a new decade. Still using first-generation automation devices or DIY systems? The end of the year nudges many homeowners to upgrade.

We’ll walk you through the benefits of Audio Concepts’ diverse smart home services, specifically how they’ll benefit you whether you’re staying home for the holidays or traveling. We explain how automation helps in either scenario and why we think now’s the time to customize your Newport home.

TAGS: Control4 | Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Services | Smart Technology