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Start The New Year With An Upgraded Home Theater Installation

A Home Cinema Experience Like No Other

Start The New Year With An Upgraded Home Theater Installation

As the new year is quickly approaching, along with having goals for yourself, it might be interesting to have goals for your home. Specifically, in this case, we are talking about your home theater and reevaluating how you can upgrade the home theater installation in your Newport, RI residence. The upgrade can happen whether you're thinking about converting a new room into a theater or simply considering revamping your existing home theater, so let's take a look at some exciting new technology for your entertainment spaces.

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Invest In a Superior Video Experience

Every year new technology enters the market that provides enhanced video quality and a more dense pixel ratio. The video system can therefore be elevated by swapping out your old projector for a new one. Sony projectors, for example, provide a 4K or 8K viewing experience due to their faster processor speed and MotionFlow technology that eliminates lags for a smooth transitions.

Get The Latest Software

The idea of a home theater is to incorporate comfort and convenience into the movie-watching experience. However, this can only be achieved if there is interconnectivity between the audio, video, and lighting systems to provide an optimum viewing experience. Kaleidescape provides an integrated system that consists of a movie player, apps, and servers that pair well with everyday technology items such as smartphones and adjust the video and audio according to the effects and aspect ratio required. 

Trade-Up For A Surround Sound System

Sound quality is equally important as video, if not more, as it can transform a mediocre experience into an immersive one. Good quality speakers add a lot of value to any home theater, and if they are placed in a surround sound formation, you can experience realistic audio while keeping into account the acoustics of your room.

Are you ready to add a home theater to your New Year's resolution list? At Audio Concepts, we are ready to help you with any home theater installation you might require to keep your theater running at its best without being actively involved in the complicated process of installing it yourself. From Newport to Portsmouth and Providence, we service all of New England with high-quality installations. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started today.



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