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How Are Motorized Window Treatments the Ultimate Winterization Tool?

Reserve Heat, Boost Entertainment and Beautify Your Boston Home!

How Are Motorized Window Treatments the Ultimate Winterization Tool?

Residents in Massachusetts and other New England states must brace for the biting cold that we experience every year. Snow piles aren’t the only things that quickly accumulate as winter progresses - your energy bills rise, too. Winter also drives people inside – so in this blog, we’ll take look at how motorized shades can elevate your home design and entertainment.

How can this single, unassuming technology provide shocking energy savings while enhancing your decor and lifestyle? You’ll learn a few benefits of motorized window treatments here and why they should take priority as you winterize your home.

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Energy Savings

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that windows account for 25-40% of our annual heating and cooling costs. But researchers have found that motorized shades increase radiant heat (the palpable warmth within the room) by about five degrees Fahrenheit - the difference between a chilly 68-degree room and a balmy 73 degrees.

If heat loss is your main concern, you should consider cellular (also called honeycomb) shades. Cellular shades capture the majority of the light from entering your home before it has a chance to convert to heat and overwork your HVAC system. Each cell within the drapery carries inert air. This stagnant air is a poor conductor, which slows both heat gains in winter and heat losses in summer. There’s also a more obvious perk: In chilling winter months, motorized shades – when tightly installed – can also prevent drafts from getting inside, further blocking heat loss.


When you’re stuck inside all winter, most of us want to curl up and watch a movie in front of the TV. Have you ever been so distracted by ambient light that you can’t appreciate the immersive entertainment you’re supposed to be enjoying? Though strategic lighting and ambient-light rejecting screens can help mitigate glare, you won’t get the most of your 4K or 8K display if you don’t block incoming light. That explains why blackout shades can convert even the sunniest living rooms into impromptu theaters at your command.


At Audio Concepts, we partner with two of the most reputable brands in the shading industry, Lutron and Hunter Douglas. With countless fabrics to choose from, these brands have something for each room’s unique need. Let’s start with opacity: Lutron, for example, offers both translucent window treatments to diffuse all the light entering your kitchen and complete light-blocking shades that can dispel glare and make any room feel more like a theater. But Lutron shade offerings don’t stop there. They also come in various patterns to either accentuate your windows or blend them in. You have plenty of options for the materials themselves, too, including fabrics from satin to canvas to lace - or even bamboo wood! 

Lighting Schedules

Fortunately, longer days are finally on their way now that the Winter Solstice has passed. The bad news is our daylight increases by only a minute or two every day, meaning that lengthy days won’t arrive so soon. Fortunately, you can integrate your Lutron lighting control with your shades and capture every second of sunlight that you can. In the mornings, your shades will rise automatically while your lighting gradually brightens. During the afternoons, they won’t close until the last light vanishes.

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