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How a Lighting Control System Makes Your Home Healthier

Why a Happier Home Starts With Its Lighting

How a Lighting Control System Makes Your Home Healthier

Lighting follows us everywhere throughout our lives. Light enters our windows each morning and wakes us up, and sunsets soothe us as we enjoy our favorite evening activities. While any appropriately lit room can allow us to perform needed tasks, that doesn’t guarantee that we’re taking advantage of its incredible design and wellness benefits.

That’s where a lighting control system can take your arrangement from an uninspired installation to a health and mood-boosting layout that properly adjusts your lighting so you can efficiently perform tasks with the exact specifications you need. Tired of straining your eyes and dealing with light that doesn’t do much for your mood, sleep patterns or relaxation efforts? Keep reading to see what Audio Concepts can create and install in your New England home. 

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Improved Sleep

Have you ever heard medical professionals advise against using mobile devices too close to your bedtime? There’s a reason: We’re hardwired to become more energized by blue lighting, and, ironically, the higher-Kelvin lighting actually produces more energy.

When it’s time to wind down, Lutron has pre-set lighting scenes that will calm a busy mind as the day ends.  A “Reading” scene, or a similar setting, will provide the perfect illumination that balances the warm tones you need before bed, but also gives you an energy boost to keep the pages turning. Later, the warm dim feature of a Ketra “Bedtime” setting will optimize your melatonin production, letting you drift off into a peaceful sleep. A deeper sleep leads to a more productive next day, as you’ll learn below.


Productive Days

Just as your body and mind respond to the warm, cozy glow of sunset, you also need brilliant, blue lighting to energize you. Perhaps if you wander around your warmly lit home on a busy Saturday, you’d never get out and accomplish the errands that you intend to do.

Lutron lighting is automated on a circadian-rhythm based schedule, so you never have to think about adjusting the color temperature to wake you up, power you through a work-from-home day or hard work out. Your daytime lighting will emit varying levels of cool white lighting that imperceptibly shift as the day progresses and slowly warm dim in evening hours. It’s no surprise that, just as you’ll see outdoors, your brightest, coolest light arrives around noon.


Everything in Between

Many dimmers and mediocre DIY solutions leave out the nuances that make Lutron lighting control surpass big-box options. Lutron revolutionized the industry when they invented the warm dimming concept. Typically, when you dim an LED light source, the yellow and blue dim simultaneously, displaying a murky, lifeless white that doesn’t respond to the natural rhythm we mentioned above. When a Lutron bulb dims, less of the warm light dims, emitting an amber glow that mimics sunset. And when you want to set a “Focus” scene late at night to get more work done, more blue pigments will illuminate, giving you much-needed acuity.

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