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Discover the Incredible Features of a Smart Home Control System

Make Managing Your Home Effortless and Fun

Discover the Incredible Features of a Smart Home Control System

In most homes today, you’ll find at least a few smart devices. From smart speakers to video doorbells, lighting, and thermostats, homeowners are embracing automated technology. And while these devices offer effortless control from anywhere in the home, a smart home control system provides much more. 

As a Control4 dealer, Audio Concepts partners with one of the global leaders in home automation. Because of their extensive integrations, we can connect nearly every electronic system and device in your home. This open platform ensures a genuine smart home, and our professional installation guarantees a customized, scalable solution in which every device performs how you want it to. 

Let’s explore the remarkable world of smart home living and how it's transforming homes in New Bedford, RI, and the entire state.

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The Control4 Home Operating System

Your Control4 home automation platform lets you manage your lights, motorized shades, music, TVs, climate, security, gates, garage doors, pools, spas, and more, from custom-programmed keypads, touchscreens, and with your voice. It works with most leading brands, including Sonos, DirectTV, Pandora, QMotion, Sony, and thousands more.

Not only can you manage these systems independently, but with one touch, you can control multiple devices simultaneously. For instance, press the ‘Good Morning' button, and the thermostat adjusts, the shades open, specific lights illuminate, and your 'Beautiful Day' playlist streams through your home. 

Are you having friends over to cheer on the Patriots and help them out of their slump? Press 'Game Day,' and your lights change to the team's colors, in nautical blue, silver, and red. At the same time, every TV turns the game on, and crystal-clear audio streams throughout your home via in-ceiling speakers. 

How do our clients react to this incredible system? They’re amazed at how easy it is to use, how life-changing the technology is, and they wonder why they didn’t call us sooner.

Tailored for Your Lifestyle

Our automation and AV experts program your smart home to respond according to your lifestyle and desires. Do you want a brightly lit home when you pull into the driveway in the evening? Would you like your doors to unlock, the thermostat to adjust, the spa to heat, and your ‘Relaxing’ playlist to stream through the home and outdoor areas? 

Maybe you’d prefer to walk into a home with lighting the color of the setting sun and your favorite series on the TV. As you can see, the true ingenuity of a smart home lies in its customized programming.

Managing Your Smart Home

In addition to programmed scenes, you can control any device with one touch, whether at home or across the globe. Did you forget to lock the door? Pull up your mobile device, and it's done. Your smart home will also send notifications if a door's unlocked, a sensor registers a water leak, or it spots a stranger in the yard. Remote access means you're connected to your home at all times.

As a Control4 dealer, we know which devices seamlessly integrate and have extensive experience in the installation, programming, and design that makes a reliable and simple-to-use smart home that will knock your Boston red socks off! To learn more about a custom smart home system or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Concepts today.

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