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A Modern Take on Home Media Rooms

How Multipurpose Media Room Design Offers the Perfect Space for Home Entertainment

A Modern Take on Home Media Rooms

What comes to mind when you hear the term “media room”? Some people think of a home theater with a big screen TV or a projector and screen system. Others imagine a dedicated room with a high-end stereo system. And other homeowners understand what a media room is, but it doesn’t seem to fit within their concept of home entertainment.

The good news is home media rooms are so customizable that they can be made into multipurpose spaces intended for a wide range of home entertainment activities. Watch movies, play online games, listen to high-end audio, or play board games, pool, or video golf in your custom media space. Keep reading to see how to upgrade the home entertainment experience at your Boston or Rhode Island home. 

TAGS: Home Theater Design | Home Theater System | Media Room

Ensuring Uninterrupted Coverage for Your Smart Home Wi-Fi Network

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Network Stays Connected and Secure

Ensuring Uninterrupted Coverage for Your Smart Home Wi-Fi Network

Smart home automation in Boston, MA and New England has continued to expand at a record pace. Even in our current “home shortage” and quick sales, search a local realtor for “smart homes for sale” in the New England area, and you’ll see over 85 listings with prices ranging from $300,000 to $7.9 million.

Smart homes have taken the world by storm because they transform people's lives, making managing a home not only easy but enjoyable. What some people don't realize, however, is that their smart home is only as good as the Wi-Fi network it's tethered to.

From a smart home theater to whole-home audio-video, lighting, motorized shades, climate control, and security, your smart home demands a home network capable of supporting it. Delays are one of the signs it’s not up to the task.

TAGS: Araknis | Home Network | Smart Home

The Big Game Is a Big Deal With Your Outdoor AV System

An Outdoor Entertainment System Makes Watching Movies and Sports a Thrilling Experience

The Big Game Is a Big Deal With Your Outdoor AV System

Do you enjoy the thrill of watching a live game? The roar of the crowd, the ball snapping, the sound of helmets hitting – all the big and little things come together to create a memorable and exciting event. What if you could recreate the entire experience in your own backyard? An outdoor AV system is a literal game-changer when it comes to watching sporting events.

Premier outdoor TVs from Séura and SunBriteTV, as well as outdoor sound systems from Paradigm and Coastal Source, turn your porch, pool deck, and backyard at your Boston or Rhode Island home into a virtual football field! Keep reading to see how state-of-the-art outdoor AV takes game-watching to a whole new level.

TAGS: Outdoor Audio | Outdoor Entertainment | Outdoor TVs

Wake Up Your Summer Home with an Outdoor Sound System

Update Your Existing System or Experience a Total Upgrade

Wake Up Your Summer Home with an Outdoor Sound System

The Newport, RI area is finally getting a taste of the first days of summer, and no one can get enough of the sunshine and fresh air. If you’re one of the many homeowners who haven’t visited their vacation home in a while, your smart home technology may require some updates since the last time they were used.

We recommend starting with your outdoor sound system so that you can make the most out of your backyard entertainment area. Your outdoor sound system can take swimming, lounging, playing games, and even grilling to the next level.

Whether your existing audio system needs updating, or you’re ready to install a completely new system, Audio Concepts can help. Let’s get started by diving into a few outdoor sound systems we love recommending to our clients.

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