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The Perfect Home Theater Combo: Sony + Kaleidescape

Complement Your Home Theater Projector with High-Quality Streaming

The Perfect Home Theater Combo: Sony + Kaleidescape

What is a home theater without high-quality cinematic content to watch? If you’re building a customized home theater experience, you’ll also want easy access to your favorite films. Whether you prefer action-packed blockbusters or thought-provoking indie flicks, the possibilities for entertainment are endless when you choose a Sony home theater projector and Kaleidescape for streaming.

Continue reading to learn how these cutting-edge technology options work together to deliver an elevated home theater experience for our New England customers.

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Is an Investment in Surround Sound Worth It?

Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary with Surround Sound

Is an Investment in Surround Sound Worth It?

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party in your Boston home. You decide the party is missing something and turn on a little background music. With one easy button tap, your surround sound system comes to life and fills the room with your favorite music. The music delights your guests and brightens the entire atmosphere. Somehow, your audio system has become the talk of the party. 

So, do you think a surround sound investment could be worth it? Continue reading to learn how this system works and how it can elevate various aspects of your life! 

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The Incredible Advancements in Today’s Home AV Systems

Bring Stunning Images and Crystal-Clear Sound to Every Room

The Incredible Advancements in Today’s Home AV Systems

Thanks to the latest technology, today’s home entertainment offers incredible experiences that rival commercial venues. Custom home theaters bring brilliant, lifelike images and object-based audio that surround you in 3D sound fields. Distributed audio systems deliver high-fidelity music and sound to every room and outdoor space. And the newest 4K OLED TVs with self-lighting pixels offer breathtaking contrast, colors, and brightness. 

It's a remarkable world we live in. 

Is it time to upgrade your AV systems in New England? Imagine the Boston Celtics and the Bruins in lifelike images popping off the screen. If you’re not a fair-weather fan, you could also enjoy a Patriots game. With today’s audio-video options, you’ll feel like you’re in the stands or on the field.

The question is, with so many options in home entertainment, where do you begin? One of our clients’ favorites is whole-home audio video systems. These systems deliver impressive audio and high-performance video to every room while keeping your home clutter-free. 

Let’s see how it’s done and what it offers homes from Boston, MA, to Manchester, NH.

Discover the Beauty & Ease of a Home Lighting Control System

Manage Daylight and Electric Lights Effortlessly

Discover the Beauty & Ease of a Home Lighting Control System

There’s something extraordinarily beautiful when sunlight and artificial light come together to create the perfect lighting. The sun’s rays stream softly through the windows, casting a warm glow in every direction. Wall sconces illuminate a darkened corner, beckoning you to grab a good book and settle back into a recliner. Fine artwork and architectural elements stand out, with lighting defining their best features. It’s a space where the lighting is as much a design element as the painting and furniture.

But how do you keep this exquisite moment in your Rhode Island home? Who has time to adjust the lighting and shades as natural light changes throughout the day? We close the shades when the sun’s glare makes it difficult to see and turn on the lights in response, and there our lights remain.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Today’s home lighting control system makes managing your home lighting effortless. Let’s explore how these systems are transforming homes from Providence to New Bedford and beyond.

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