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3 Benefits Landscape Lighting Bring to Your Home

Enhance the Beauty and Increase Safety within Your Home

3 Benefits Landscape Lighting Bring to Your Home

Home lighting shouldn’t start and end within the walls of your home. In fact, exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting. Landscape lighting highlights the beauty of your home’s exterior while providing important safety and security functions. And with brands like Coastal Source and FX Luminaire, there are many styles of lights—from up lights to wall and step lights—to choose from. Check out these benefits of exterior lighting and how it can benefit your Rhode Island home, from Providence to New Bedford.

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1. Curb Appeal

You’ve probably spent a lot of time keeping up with the exterior of your home, cultivating your gardens and landscape for a clean, aesthetically pleasing look. But no one can see it in the dark! By installing landscape lighting, not only can you highlight your home’s beauty, but you can also enhance it. With the right tone and angle, your landscape lights can elevate your home’s exterior appearance, raising curb appeal and giving your home a distinct look in your neighborhood and impressing every visitor. 

2. Safety and Security

Lighting can highlight your home’s beauty, but it also plays an important function in protecting your home and family. Dark paths can be dangerous—your family or guests could trip over unseen obstacles while walking on your property. With path and area lights from FX Luminaire or deck lights from Coastal Source, you can light up every walkway around your home.

Exterior lights can also protect your property from trespassers. By lighting up your property, less of your land will be unseen. It’ll make it harder for trespassers to sneak in, especially if you also install motion-sensor lights, which can scare away anyone snooping around.

3. Ambiance for Outdoor Events

As the weather turns warmer, you’ll likely want to invite friends and family over to gather in your backyard for a cookout, pool party, or other event. When these parties extend into the night, your landscape will not only keep your guests safe, but it’ll also set the mood for the gathering. Warm yellow lights will make your space feel welcoming and keep guests comfortable, and bright blue ones can excite them for a late night of partying. Adjust the lights to whatever shade you wish to enhance the energy you want to bring. Install lights around the pool for a little late-night swimming or on your patio to keep the conversation going all night long.

Ready to light up your home with premium landscape lighting solutions from leading companies like FX Luminaire and Coastal Source? Contact Audio Concepts today! We are proud dealers of these leading brands and serve homeowners across Rhode Island, from Providence to New Bedford. 

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