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Secure Your Peace of Mind with a Security Camera Installation

Today’s Security Cameras Offer Instant Alerts and Preventative Measures

Secure Your Peace of Mind with a Security Camera Installation

It’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays. We consider our travel plans, family and friends stopping by, and packages left by the door. It’s a great, if not tiring, time of year. 

It’s also the time that many people consider the latest home security. Unfortunately, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey, two types of crimes increase in December: theft and robbery. Often, this comes in the form of “porch pirates” or criminals scouting out vacant homes. 

Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure your home and loved ones are safe and secure this holiday season and long into the future. The latest security cameras offer features once limited to commercial establishments, taking home security to the preventative realm. Let’s explore the benefits and why now is the time to start planning your security camera installation.

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The Latest Security Camera Features

At Audio Concepts, we specialize in home automation, entertainment, and security, creating a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe environment for our clients. To accomplish this, we partner with leading brands in the industry. In security, those companies include Bosch, Claire Vision, and Luma. 

These cameras offer some of the latest advancements, including AI technology, crystal-clear night vision, security alerts, and remote monitoring. For example, intelligent cameras can distinguish between wandering raccoons and potential intruders. Should movements occur around your home, the lights turn on in the area, and you receive immediate notification and a live video feed on your smartphone. 

If someone delivers a package while you're away, you can speak to them through the two-way intercom and unlock the garage door remotely for a quick drop-off. If someone is ill-intentioned, you can tell them they've been spotted and call the appropriate authorities.

Did you know that the number one spot burglars enter a home is through the patio doors? The front door and windows follow this area. At Audio Concepts, we have certified technicians that will make recommendations that cover your most vulnerable areas with the right type of camera.

Effective Presence Simulation

Most break-ins occur when no one is home. That’s why police recommend a security system that makes your home in Boston, MA, and the surrounding areas appear occupied. Your security camera keeps a watchful eye on your property while you're away, but in the meantime, your smart home will turn the lights and TVs on and off and raise and lower the shades, just as if you and your family were home!

Plan Ahead

Unfortunately, our world is still experiencing supply chain issues, and the home automation and security sectors are no different. This disruption is due to a shortage of materials and labor and increasing prices in transportation. Some manufacturers have been particularly hard hit with semiconductor shortages and other components, as well as increased production times due to labor shortages. 

For this reason, now is a good time to think ahead. At Audio Concepts, we work with multiple suppliers to ensure our clients have access to the technology they need. To learn more about a security camera installation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Concepts today.