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Landscape Lighting Brings Your Outdoor Spaces To Life

Illuminate Your Evening Entertaining and Poolside Fun with Lighting That Adds Excitement and Drama

Landscape Lighting Brings Your Outdoor Spaces To Life

The season of outdoor entertaining is finally upon us in the Northeast. This year holds a lot of promise for gathering family and friends for nighttime barbeques, even if our events are smaller and more outdoors-focusedOur backyards are where we celebrate family milestones, gather the gang to watch the big game, or just decompress by the pool after a long day.  

While we often focus on all-weather televisions and distributed audio, landscape lighting is the element that brings your outdoors to life at night. Just as in the home, lighting has the power to set the mood and add ambiance.  

Are you ready to make more use of your yard at night? Read on to learn more. 

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Set The Stage 

Lighting is the first thing we notice when entering a room or an outdoor space. Our reaction to the color, depth, and intensity of light happens subconsciously, activating over eighteen areas of the brain – in much the same way that music stimulates the brain regions associated with creativity and happiness.  

Outdoor illumination has two main functions, to guide our way in the dark and to inspire. The rugged and elegant fixtures allow you to light up walkways without intruding into the foliage’s design and look. Your smart home provides you with the ability to create ambiance indoors; external lighting has a more theatrical impact. Using just a bit of creative application adds drama to your landscaping and keeps your guest’s energy going through the night. 

The Right Atmosphere

The combination of a creative lighting palette on the canvas of the night furnishes you with the ability to entice and enthrall. Use silhouetting on topiary to define property borders and craft a fantastical path. Highlight the decorative elements of your home with grazing techniques, adding charm and artistic aspects.  

Colors enhance the drama, set against the dark and white lights altering our mood and adding excitement. With the masonry and shimmering water, the pool area amplifies the sense of fun, extending the attraction to swimming or just relaxing in the jacuzzi.  

Raise the energy by stimulating the brain’s pleasure centers with more green, yellow, and illumination. Instill a calming atmosphere by including violet blues in areas where you can get away from the fray or at the end of the evening’s events. 

The Luxury of Outdoor Living

The warmer weather coming to our greater Boston, MA area opens more outdoor living, releasing us from the confines of our home’s four walls. This change does not mean you have to leave the convenience and luxury of your smart home behind. Are you ready to make the backyard your favorite room? 

Find out how we can bring your nights to life. Call us at 508-699-8819 or fill out our online contact form to get started today. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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