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A modern home runs on data - from streaming services, security, and online social communications. All this digital traffic from our daily lives has made the network a critical component of our houses. A growing number of the devices we rely on communicate using wireless transmission only. Wireless networking has become a vital link in delivering these services to your New England home. 

The convenience and flexibility offered by wireless networking allowed for the remarkable proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices and services. While we have more options and opportunities, wireless has limitations that can cause trouble if not correctly designed and installed. Our expert team of network professionals will install a robust and reliable system you can have confidence in.

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Bandwidth Demands

Everything in a smart home is reliant on the network in some way. This backbone of communication enables instantaneous access to our media, control systems, security, and more. Networks have a limited capacity, and the growing number of items we demand connect can have a detrimental effect if not properly managed.

As you would expect, streaming services put the highest strain on a network., consuming large percentages of the bandwidth available. Online games, especially from consoles, have relatively low requirements when compared to services like Netflix but can consume dramatically impactful rates on the high end. Media rooms and home theaters using 4K video, delivering millions of pixels and a near-infinite spectrum of colors, can quickly stress a network's capacity.

Wi-Fi networks present their own set of issues in handling bandwidth; while they promise to connect anywhere, there are perils to be considered.

The Promise and Peril

Wi-Fi networks utilize a limited number of frequencies to communicate over, typically in the 2.4 and 5GHz range. These frequencies, divided up into channels with many of them overlapping, further limit available clear space. The trouble is that there are many houses around you trying to use the same set of frequencies that can cause interference. The result is intermittent gaps in data generating the dreaded ‘buffering’ messages and stuttering video and audio.

In concentrated areas like Boston and the surrounding suburbs, this density of signals is a real problem. The rule of thumb is that it is most likely an issue if you can see your neighbors’ Wi-Fi name from your home.

The solution involves a comprehensive local wireless RF scan to determine what is around you and develop a coverage plan to maximize accessibility while avoiding potential outside interference. The answer may vary from room to room, requiring dual-band routers with management settings that prioritize different types of data to guarantee consistent content delivery. The antennas’ placement is also critically important to avoid becoming part of the decor and ensure that every corner of the house is covered. 

Creating an optimal environment is just the beginning: Securing a network against intrusions from outside and in the home cannot be ignored.

Keep It Clean

We all know that hacking of home systems has become a significant concern. Not only is there a need to protect our private data and correspondences, but there is also a need to make sure no one can take control of your systems.

As wireless networks broadcast over the air, it is a far easier thing to find and connect to them. Implementing security schemes that lock down the network and balance the need for simple access requires professional knowledge to achieve. You can be confident that no one is gaining access to your security cameras while connecting a new toy with ease.

Are you looking for the confidence a robust and secure wireless network can bring to your home? From Boston to Portsmouth and Providence, we service New England with high-quality installations. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started today!

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