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Is the X950H Sony’s Best-Ever HDTV?

Sony’s 2020 TV lives up to the hype

Is the X950H Sony’s Best-Ever HDTV?

As a lot of us are spending time in front of the TV lately, you might be considering upgrading to the latest models. If you’re in the market for a new video display, Sony’s got you covered.

While the Japanese manufacturer is known for quality, some balk at their higher-than-average price points. But the 2020’s brand new X950H is one of the best cost-to-quality buys available right now. What does Sony’s latest HDTV, the X950H have to offer? Find out below.

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X950H: What’s in Store?

In a market flooded with 4K UHD TVs, Sony stands apart as a barometer for quality – and the X950H is no different. Boasting bright backlighting, rich, dynamic blacks, and precise motion reproduction, X950H is a stunning addition to your AV system.

Sony’s Backlight Master Drive technology ensures higher brightness levels and better contrast. It also helps manage the “haloing” of bright objects on black backgrounds. Haloing is an unnatural blooming of the brighter pixels around the object that deteriorates the quality of an image. 

Super Bit Mapping processing power delivers a sharp image. But that’s not all: Sony promises that the extra processing will also clean up low-bit depth content. In other words, when you stream from YouTube or other online platforms, you’ll see fewer pixels and digital artifacts in the playback.

And while it’s common knowledge that native TV speakers are just about worthless (you can always upgrade with a soundbar or integrated sound system), Sony added additional drivers to provide robust, localized sound.

Overall, X950H promises one of the highest-quality images available at its price point. Sony’s unparalleled color reproduction, intuitive backlighting, high-brightness HDR playback, and surprisingly good native speakers make it one of the best additions to your home audio video system.

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