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Ensuring Uninterrupted Coverage for Your Smart Home Wi-Fi Network

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Network Stays Connected and Secure

Ensuring Uninterrupted Coverage for Your Smart Home Wi-Fi Network

Smart home automation in Boston, MA and New England has continued to expand at a record pace. Even in our current “home shortage” and quick sales, search a local realtor for “smart homes for sale” in the New England area, and you’ll see over 85 listings with prices ranging from $300,000 to $7.9 million.

Smart homes have taken the world by storm because they transform people's lives, making managing a home not only easy but enjoyable. What some people don't realize, however, is that their smart home is only as good as the Wi-Fi network it's tethered to.

From a smart home theater to whole-home audio-video, lighting, motorized shades, climate control, and security, your smart home demands a home network capable of supporting it. Delays are one of the signs it’s not up to the task.

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Delayed Load Times

Think of your home network as the central command for your automated home system. It’s keeping your smart home connected and all the different moving parts communicating. Without a reliable network, you can’t enjoy your automated home to the fullest extent.

Before your home became smart, the network might have handled smartphones, laptops, tablets, and a gaming console. Now, it's loaded down with smart lights, speakers, cameras, shades, and so much more. And the number of connected devices will only increase.

One of the signs that your network needs updating is long load times. Whether it's Netflix, streaming music, or company webpages, delayed load times mean there's a problem with your networking equipment.

Start with the Router and Security

Newer enterprise-grade equipment, like up-to-date routers, modems, and multi-access points, can handle heavy network traffic. Analyzing your equipment is the first place to start when addressing an overloaded home network.

Routers serve as the centerpiece for ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, and they also contain network firewalls that protect a home network from malicious traffic from the internet. They require careful password management and a non-descript Wi-Fi name.

Many smart home devices also support two-factor authentication. This double security measure requires a password and a form of authentication; usually, a six-digit code sent via text message. Remember the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack? The hackers got in using a single password because there was no multifactor authentication in place.

To ensure security, we’ll also configure an open guest network so that your guests have access to the internet without endangering your secure network.  

Araknis Networking Solution

One of our go-to networking brands is Araknis, a connection solution that ensures maximum bandwidth and speeds. With a well-designed and deployed managed and controlled wireless network, clients will find that the network never drops a signal or loses speed.

Araknis also provides a remote cloud management platform. This platform allows our trained and certified technicians remote access and the ability to monitor your network and troubleshoot any issues that may arise in a matter of minutes instead of days.

Your home network continues to develop as your home evolves. At Audio Concepts, we develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring their networking needs are met with each new update and application. From 2,000 square-foot homes to 60,000-plus square-foot estates, we have the experience, training, and dedicated staff to take care of it all. Call Audio Concepts today for a complimentary consultation.


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