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Enjoy Whole-Home Audio with a Sonos Home Speaker System

Envelop Your Home in Sound That Inspires, Motivates, and Keeps You Moving

Enjoy Whole-Home Audio with a Sonos Home Speaker System

Music is a profoundly passionate thing. It inspires, motivates, and centers us, providing a personal soundtrack throughout the day. If it is true that a single song can change your day so you can take on the world, why not bring the best to your home?

Research has shown that listening to music elicits a response from nearly every brain region. When our living spaces are alive with sound, we become more open to others and tend to gather in tighter groups, sharing the experience.

The medium that has such a comprehensive effect on us requires a system that takes audio reproduction seriously. Sonos home speaker systems deliver quality sound throughout your home and the outdoors without fuss or muss. 

Are you curious about stepping up the whole-home audio in your Boston, MA, home? Read more below to find out more!

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Let the Music Move You

Tunable lighting can alter your mood, make you feel more comfortable, and evoke a sense of drama. In the same way, a multi-room audio system changes the color and tenor of a room. Send music throughout the house, a few select rooms, or even spice up a backyard barbeque. Whether you are dancing in the den, kicking it up in the kitchen, or soothing your psyche in the spa, you decide where the music goes. 

Music, Heard Not Seen

Sonos brought high-definition multiroom audio into the digital age, receiving praise for its innovations and superior sound. The system distributes music through the home using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and wired configurations to accommodate any environment. The remarkable Trueplay feature accounts for the construction, size, and speaker placement adjusting to create the best sound possible. 

The architectural series of small downlight-sized speakers is designed to let you focus on the music, not the hardware. Great sound comes from behind paintable grilles that disappear into the ceilings and walls. The sweeping lines of your architecture and detailed decor take center stage while the room fills with a stunning sound that envelopes you. 

Connect, Control, Play 

Beyond the speakers and amps, the Sonos Radio streaming service provides features like discrete volume control and the ability to add/remove rooms and select the music for each. Intending to deliver you ‘all the music on earth,’ Sonos furnishes you with access to your curated content and popular streaming services. 

The system is easily integrated into the Control4 smart home automation system. Imagine having the power to create ambiance or recall the perfect listening atmosphere with a touch of a button or the sound of your voice. 

Make the Change Today

Sonos audio system is lauded for its innovation and dedication to creating pristine sound environments. Now is the best time to get your pre-orders in with the Sonos upgrade program. And if you want to take your music listening experience even further, then reach out to Audio Concepts about Paradigm speaker systems. They offer high-end audio that is unmatched!

Are you ready to enjoy amazing whole-home listening? To start the conversation, call us at 508.699.8819 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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